If you lose your health insurance card

Do the following immediately if you lose or damage your health insurance card:

Required documents: 【If you have an insurance card reissued】
"Application Form for Reissue of Health Insurance Card (Card loss/Damage)"
Example of completed form
【If you cannot return an insurance card when you retire or have your name changed because the card has been lost】
"Notification of Health Insurance Card Loss"
Example of completed form

<Identification Documents>
You may be asked to attach the following documents or document copies to verify the applicant's identity.

  1. An identification document showing a facial photograph of the applicant (e.g., driver's license, passport). If the applicant does not have picture ID, an official certificate such as a certificate of residence.
  2. If somebody else is applying on your behalf, documentation of the relationship between you and the person applying, in addition to the ID of the person applying, etc.
Deadline: Immediately following loss of health insurance card
Applies to: Insured persons or dependents who have lost their health insurance cards
Address inquiries and Submit to: The person in charge of social insurance administration at your company (If you are voluntarily and continuously insured, please inquire with the Health Insurance Society instead.)


  • If you cannot return an insurance card when you have your name changed because you have lost the card, no reissuance fee will be charged. In this case, please submit a "Notification of Insurance Card Loss" along with the "Notification of Name Change."
  • The reissuance fee is 1,000 yen per reissued insurance card. If both the insured person and their dependents lose or damage their cards, 1,000 yen will be charged for each card. Please transfer this amount from an account under the insured person's name.
  • If you find your old insurance card after reissuance, please return it right away. (Note that the reissuance fee will not be refunded in this case.)