Moving and job transfer

Do the following each time you move or transfer between jobs.

Required documents:

"Notification of Address Change of Insured Person"
"Notification of Address Change of Insured Person"

Deadline: As soon as possible
Applies to: Insured persons whose address changes due to job transfers or other reasons
Address inquiries and Submit to: The person in charge of social insurance administration at your company (If you are voluntarily and continuously insured, please inquire with the Health Insurance Society instead.)


  • If you live in Japan, you must submit a notification if you change either or both the actual address where you live and the address on your resident record.
  • If the actual address where you live and the address on your resident record are different, please enter both addresses. Shipments from the Health Insurance Society will be sent to the actual address where you live.
  • If you live overseas, please enter "Overseas." No phone number is necessary.
  • If only a dependent lives overseas or you are exempt from the domestic residence requirement (except in cases where the dependent accompanies the insured person), you will need to submit a document as proof (example: visa, student ID, certificate of school attendance, certificate of enrollment, etc. if studying abroad).
  • If a dependent who used to live with you no longer does, please attach a Certificate of Residence that shows all members of the dependent's household and their relationships, as well as proof of remittance for the last one month. (The above is not necessary if you live apart due to working away from home or because your child is attending school.) * We may request additional documents depending on your situation.