• Health activities

Health activities

The Health Insurance Society engages in various health maintenance and promotion projects to help ensure that everyone can live a healthy, fulfilling life.
These projects are called "health activities," and the health activities conducted by the Health Insurance Society are described here.

Health check-ups, health examinations, and gynecological examinations

List of health examinations by qualification/age

Health check-ups

Information on " Health check-ups," which can be received by persons who are at least 40 years old at EWEL's partner examination facilities throughout Japan, is provided here.

Joint health insurance society examinations

Information on " joint health insurance society examinations," which can be received by dependents as well as voluntarily and continuously insured persons at EWEL's partner examination facilities throughout Japan and are jointly provided by multiple health insurance societies, is provided here.

Information on separate examinations, which are for insured persons who have health examinations done by their companies, is provided here.

Other health activities

Provides information on specific health checkups and specific health guidance

Provides information on Data Health Plans

Provides information on PR magazine KENPO DAYORI

Provides information on KONAMI SPORTS CLUB

Provides information on RIZAP

Provides information on Smoking cessation program

Provides information on Free Dental Examination

Provides information on Family health consultations by telephone

Provides information on Best Doctors® service